We had  a nice relaxing morning before going for lunch with Angie, Marion and Dr. Kevin Emery, our hosts. This was the day we dedicated to do some charity work on our tour.  Our chosen charity was Friends Forever which promotes trust, empathy, and friendships among cultures in conflict by recruiting and selecting highly motivated youth from these areas to participate in a year-long program that includes a two-week training in select U.S. Host Communities. .  

The venue for this was Mel Flanagans  irish cafe and bar in Rochester New Hampshire about a two hour drive from our base.  Immediately after Lunch headed off to Mels. The wether was bad, heavy rain today but we were so happy to be able to help this wonderful charity . Mel will let us know how much was raised asap. We had a wonderfull night and made so many new friends. We want to say a huge thank you to Mel fore her hospitality can't wait to have our lovely home made brown bread and jam in the morning. Heading to Boston today and out for more readings tonight, busy day ahead. We will have more photos to follow.