Road Trip

Pretty sure its Monday and we had a  fabulous day off today and a slightly  later start to our day. We left our base  at 8.15AM to visit to the Indian reservation. we  spent most of the day there, it's normallly closed this time of year but our hosts arranged  a private tour of the reservation including the museum, WOW! it was amazing. We also  got to do a healing trail as well. Then had lunch and headed up into the mountains it was something else. The view says it all,(see pictures) . We even had time to have a snowball fight when I say we laughed till we cried is an understatement.  The story's were so funny. We had dinner around 8.30 and got back to base at 12.30 AM.

Today Tuesday is the day which we have  dedicated to raising some money for charity.   Our chosen charity is Friends Forever, we have pre booked one to one readings this afternoon followed by a gallery platform demonstration of mediumship in Mels Irish bar  with 100% of the proceeds going to the charity. 

Here's some photos of our day. Such a very warm sunny day. Brilliant